Automating administrative processes with digital employees

How does it work?

Making use of Robotic Process Automation software, known as RPA, we can create “digital employees”, which imitate human interaction with a computer. Digital employees can work with all systems and applications, and can therefore handle a broad spectrum of tasks.

Data scraping

Data input, copying and pasting

Data transfer between systems

Automatic reporting

Perform checks

Execute calculations

Something for you?

Do your employees spend too much time on repetitive processes and routine tasks? Do you want to save costs in administration heavy processes, or start working more efficiently? With the help of digital employees who take over and automate tasks, you can save costs, and your employees can return to more fulfilling, value-adding work. In addition, digital employees work faster, error-free and are available 24/7, which reduces the time needed to complete the work, and avoids delays during peak times. Finally, digital employees are very easy to scale when job volumes increase. We create your digital employee with RPA software, and automate your process within two months. No changes to your company’s systems (hardware, software) are required for implementation. Furthermore, we can deliver a positive ROI in less than 12 months if you start working with us.

Your digital employee, as a Service

We offer the implementation of your digital employees “as a Service”. In essence, this means that you will benefit from all the advantages of the RPA technology, and we take care of everything else. We build, operate and maintain the digital employees for you. For a fixed monthly rate, you are assured that the digital employees perform their tasks properly. So there are no additional costs for infrastructure, licenses, maintenance, adjustments that have to be made with small changes in your process, developer time, etc. You only have to watch how your digital employees contribute to the efficiency of your company.

Always functional, guaranteed

No large investment, no developer costs

Easy to scale

Safe and transparent


Interested in a digital employee for your company? You have no prior knowledge of RPA and want to understand what it can mean for you? Are you curious about the business case? You already work with RPA but want to cut costs or outsource the maintenance of your digital employees? We have a suitable solution for every customer!


In a workshop format we map, together with your employees, the processes with the highest automation potential and make a first estimation of the business case.

Proof of Concept

Do you want to test what the impact of RPA can be? We build a first digital employee, for a selected process in your company, to demonstrate the power of this new technology.


We will work with you to identify automated processes, program the digital employees for the selected processes, and maintain them so that their output is guaranteed. We also provide worry-free further development for changes in your process.

Migratie naar Robotics as a Service

You are already working with RPA, but are experiencing difficulties, or want to get derailing costs under control? We take over maintenance, development, infrastructure requirements, and development of the next digital employees. Meanwhile we guarantee business continuity and performance driven quality improvement.

Showcase - Request a demonstration

Without any obligation of purchase, we give you a short demonstration of a digital employee at work, to you or your employees. We provide examples of use cases relevant to your industry, and address all of your questions.

Make an appointment

Showcase: geheel vrijblijvend

Geheel vrijblijvend komen wij langs om de werking van een digitale medewerker te tonen aan u of uw werknemers.

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